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CRE8 Residential Building Surveying

CRE8 Residential Building Surveying

CRE8 Residential Building Surveying


CRE8 Commercial Building Surveying

CRE8 Residential Building Surveying

CRE8 Residential Building Surveying

Expert RICS Building Survey CRE8 Project & Building Consultancy Blackburn

CRE8 Project Delivery

CRE8 CDM Principal Designer

CRE8 Project Delivery

Expert RICS Building Survey CRE8 Project & Building Consultancy Blackburn

CRE8 Employers Agent

CRE8 CDM Principal Designer

CRE8 Project Delivery

Expert RICS Building Survey CRE8 Project & Building Consultancy Blackburn

CRE8 CDM Principal Designer

CRE8 CDM Principal Designer

CRE8 CDM Principal Designer

CRE8 - Residential Building Surveying / home survey

Buying a new home can prove to be a very stressful period of your life. It is important that you fully understand the condition of the property you are buying, and which Building Survey is best suited to your individual needs and circumstance. As Chartered Building Surveyors, we want you to be fully informed about the condition of the property and the potential implications these may present you with.  

Appreciating that there can be many stones in your shoe when moving home, at least we can help you with one! When procuring a Home Survey, we aim to assist you wherever possible to ensure a great service is provided, we understand that timing, communication and expert technical advice is always a must have. With a breadth of knowledge and expertise, we can offer the best possible advice to suit your needs when deciding which survey is most appropriate for you and your property.   

We often find our industry uses varying terminology, so to break through the jargon, a clear outline of the common surveys and what each one covers is provided below:

Level 3 Survey ‘RlCS Building Survey’ 

When considering buying a new house, it is important that no stone is left unturned! After all, this is an important purchase, and you want to make sure you fully understand all the implications.

This home survey is the most comprehensive available. It provides a detailed visual inspection of the building, its services and the grounds.  To summarise the extent of inspection, the report typically provides a detailed description of the construction and materials used for different parts of the property. We assess the condition of each specific element and report upon any defects found, along with discussion on its relative importance.  We confirm the most probable cause of how it occurred and make recommendations for repair and making good. We also highlight the likely timescale in which this need to be undertaken, thus allowing you to plan for undertaking any works.  

If needed, we can also provide an estimate of likely costs of such repair work, understanding this could also prove very useful when you look to negotiate on the asking price! 

Level 2 Survey ‘Homebuyer Report’ 

The Homebuyer Report is an ‘intermediate’ level of survey, again comprising a visual inspection of the building, its services and grounds. Typically, this survey would apply to those considering buying a conventional property such as a house, bungalow, or flat that is of reasonable condition. 

This home survey summarises the condition of the different fabric elements and provides an assessment of the relative importance of any defects identified using a traffic light system rating.  

The survey is generally less comprehensive and descriptive than the Level 3 Survey RICS Building Survey described above, however, its use will depend on your individual circumstance and type of building.  

General Structural Appraisal 

We provide this survey because we understand that commentary on more obvious defects is not always required. You may be planning to refurbish the property, renew windows and rainwater gutters or undertake extensive alterations and therefore do not require an inspection of these elements.  

This survey is therefore tailored to suit your specific needs, typically focussing on the key structural elements of the building only.  In this circumstance, we concentrate solely on all key structural aspects of the property. 

Additional Services  

Further to the above, we also provide the following excellent design services, should you be considering an extension to your home.   

- Preparation of Planning Applications.

- Preparation of Building Control Applications.

- Preparation of detailed plans, elevation and section drawings.

CRE8 Project & Building Consultancy are a firm of Chartered Building Surveyors, regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, based in Blackburn, Lancashire. Our services provide expert technical advice to the public across the Lancashire area and beyond. Please feel free to visit our website to learn more on how we can assist you, including our further services when considering undertaking an extension to your home.

Alternatively, why not give us a call to discuss your individual needs and learn more on how we can assist?


The importance of getting a home survey

With a breadth of knowledge and technical expertise, when choosing the appropriate survey CRE8 Residential Surveying are able to offer the best advice to suit your Building Survey needs. 

CRE8 - commercial building surveying

We appreciate the challenges when reviewing your commercial enterprise.  Whether this be purchasing, leasing or leaving old property behind, CRE8 Commercial Building Surveying are here at every step to provide you quality professional advice.

We insist on minimising liabilities and ensure your future property is fit for purpose to help you grow. When considering expansion of your enterprise, whether this be purchasing or leasing, we provide quality expert advice that is critical to ensure you understand the condition and potential liabilities facing you and your future.

Our reports are extensive, providing detailed analysis of any defects present, highlighting repair and maintenance options.  Furthermore and importantly to most clients, we can provide accurate robust cost advice. 

We provide an update on our findings shortly after completion of our inspections. This is then followed by a written report within 5 days. Understanding that communication and speed is critical when undertaking such transactions, this is a crucial aspect of our service. 

CRE8 Commercial Building Surveying services include:

  • Schedule of Condition;
  • Pre-acquisition Building Survey (lease or buying);
  • Dilapidations; 
  • Building Reinstatement Cost Assessment;
  • Defect Diagnosis; 
  • Party Wall Matters;
  • Measured surveys and drone surveys;
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM);
  • Strategic PPM Advice; 
  • Condition Surveys;
  • Development Monitoring. 


Download our Schedule of condition services sheet here

CRe8 - Project Delivery

Just like each of our clients, not every project is the same.  We recognise this and therefore tailor our project management & contract administration services to suit your bespoke individual needs.  

We will work with you to ensure that quality risk management, procurement and contract  strategy advice is provided on your project.  We have the expertise to deliver our projects completed to the highest standard, on time and to your budget.

When considering how to progress your project, it is critical that you engage with our experienced team.  At Cre8 we provide expert project delivery and contract administration services.  We are flexible and can tailor or breakdown our services to suit your individual needs, to ensure success together.


To summarise our project delivery services, we tailor the following to suit your individual needs:

  • Feasibility study and assessment;

  • Procurement and contract strategy advice, including pre-tender assessment and selection of contractors;

  • Preparation of tender package & schedules of work;

  • Coordination of the tender process, including tender adjudication/reporting;

  • Preparation of contract and contract administration;

  • Chair regular progress site meetings, prepare and certify interim valuations, manage design changes and contract variations;

  • Inspect and report upon the quality of workmanship; 

  • Review and certify practical completion;

  • Coordination of handover, ensuring successful conclusion of the contract.

Our expertise ensures that project risk is managed effectively.  We always aim to eliminate risk, so that quality, cost and time is maximised to benefit you and your project. For further information, please download our project delivery service sheet below. 


Download our project delivery service sheet here

CRE8 - Employers Agent

As Employers Agent, we act as on your behalf administering Design & Build contracts.  Design and Build procurement is a process by which the contractor often assumes responsibility and risk associated with forming the design and undertaking the build, based upon client requirements in the form of concept drawings and outline specifications / materials and workmanship standards. 

However, we provide the following ‘pre and post-contract’ Employers Agent services , but we are flexible to tailor these to suit your individual needs:

Pre contract Services

  • We work closely with you to establish the outline brief, including your personal priorities and your design ambitions for the project;
  • We assist with the coordination of feasibility site survey investigations and desktop statutory reviews;
  • Working with the appointed pre-construction design team, we oversee the development of outline proposals from the project brief and advise on the procurement and contract strategy;
  • We assist with defining the project strategies and how they may influence the project in term of construction, maintenance and operation, health and safety and sustainability, proceeding to the developed design;
  • We assist with collating all material from including the Employers Requirements, preparation of tender documentation and coordinating the tender process in accordance with the chosen contract strategy, proceeding to contract execution.

Post Contract Services

  • We administer the terms of the contract, chair regular progress site meetings and coordinate any contract and design variations;
  • We prepare and report on construction progress and cost reports;
  • We inspect and or review quality of completed works (snagging) and administer the contract to completion;
  • We coordinate Handover and ensure successful conclusion of the contract. 


CRE8 - Principal Designer

Principal Designer is a key role under the ‘Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015’.  Whether considering undertaking repair and refurbishment work, an extension to your home or even expanding your empire, as Principal Designers our responsibility is to plan, manage, monitor and coordinate the health and safety aspects of the pre-construction phase.

We retain an excellent track record of maintaining health and safety across our projects.  We understand that key design decisions are established during the pre-construction phase, these often affect how the construction phase is conducted.  Focussing on teamwork and collaboration we work with both client and contractor collectively.   We aim to eliminate all risks however, where risk is unavoidable; we mitigate, reduce and manage them accordingly. 

We are firm believers that securing health and safety on construction sites is paramount.  Everyone deserves to return home safe at the end of the day. 

For further information on your duties for appointing a Principal Designer under the ‘Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015’, please feel free to get in touch.  


CRE8 Project & Building Consultancy are Regulated by RICS

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